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Standardized Tests Tips –Before, During and After

September 18, 2018
By (Marie Barker, CCS All Level Principal)
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Standardized Tests Tips –Before, During and After (Marie Barker, CCS All Level Principal)

Before test week
Be Prepared – read up o what these tests measure and research how to help your child prepare for the tests. If your child struggles in one subject area, provide extra practice by using online sites or purchase prep workbooks. The teachers will provide practice tests the week before the tests to introduce the students to all the testing procedures, and to review material. If you have concerns, talk with your child’s teacher; see if your child qualifies for any assessment accommodations.

On test days
Daily prep -  Make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep and eats a healthy breakfast, this will help your child work at full capacity. Make sure your child has everything needed to take the test, pencils, scratch paper, eraser and calculator (if permitted). Most of all, remain positive as this will help your child stay calm.

After the tests
Results – Assessments vary, look for information on interpreting the scores when your child’s results arrive. Talk with your child’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns. Review the test scores with your child, remind them that tests and grading systems are not perfect. Reinforce the need to do their best on all tests and school work.

As a school, CCS teachers and administration try to ensure the week of testing is balanced with fun breaks including; special snacks, extra recess, movies, and other fun activities.  Most of all, with your support and involvement, your child will see this week as part of the experience of getting ready for a very bright future.

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9/18/18 - By (Marie Barker, CCS All Level Principal)