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Early Education Meal Program
CCS provides the following daily: Morning snack, 3 pm snack and 5 pm snack.  At all snacks, CCS children are offered a choice of milk, juice or water.
LUNCH - You have a choice:
Bring a packed lunch from home. Please ensure no peanut products are used to prepare food or included in food.  CCS preschool is a nut free zone.  Teachers will not have access to refrigerators or microwaves. All food must be in containers which can be easily opened by your child. We strive to promote self-help skills.
It’s just as important to ensure the lunch your child brings to school provides a healthy, balanced lunch as when they eat at home.  Avoid foods containing high amounts of saturated fat and sugar.
Packing the lunchbox
  • A balanced packed lunch should contain:
  • Protein foods. These are meat, fish, eggs, beans and others.
  • Vegetables or salad, and a portion of fruit.
  • A dairy item. This could be cheese or yogurt.
  • Starchy foods.  These are bread, rice, potatoes and pasta, and others.
CCS will not be able to provide plates or utensils.
Please direct any lunch program questions to our School Lunch Coordinator Mari Craun at .
Forgot to Pack Lunch?
Lunch will be charged via FACTS if your child forgets their lunch. Your child will be provided a nutritious lunch that includes a choice of a vegetarian or non-vegetarian option and include:
a fruit, 
vegetable and 
Cost of the charged lunch is $5.00 for Pre-school & $6.00 for Elementary & Middle School. 
Also available are snacks & drinks (i.e. Gogurt, cheese sticks, water, Gatorade, chips & ice cream). Cost per item is $1.00.

For more information, contact Mari Craun, Lunch Coordinator at