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Music Program


Welcome to County Christian School Music!

Elementary School General Music (K-5):
At County Christian School, our students fully immerse themselves in the exciting and enriching world of Music! Students are offered full general music instruction in all elementary grades through weekly general music classes. We are excited to be able to use the Quaver Music Curriculum ( at County Christian School, which incorporates cutting edge music technology and digital lessons centered on developing music theory, history, composing and performing skills. In addition to singing, our students have an opportunity to explore a wide range of grade-appropriate instruments available including recorders, xylophones, ukuleles and a wide range of percussion instruments. Older Elementary grades also utilize music technology to compose, record and produce music. Not only are all our Elementary students given musical foundations to prepare them for Middle school music and beyond, they are also continually encouraged to incorporate their musical abilities into worship. Students actively participate in worship at our weekly chapels.

Middle School Music Ensembles (6-8):
At the Middle School level, we are proud to be able to offer both Choir and Concert Band opportunities for our students. Students have the opportunity to use and develop the choral and instrumental abilities as they prepare for Christmas and Spring Concert programs, in addition to various other school ceremonies, chapel performances, music festival trip opportunities. Both Choir and Band programs are designed to prepare students for participation in High School music and beyond. In addition to these performance-centered ensembles, our students have the opportunity to serve on our Middle School Worship team, serving as worship leaders for our weekly Middle School Chapel services.

Performance Opportunities for All:
All our performing ensembles and classes at County Christian School participate and perform in our Christmas and Spring Concert programs as well as special Chapel programs highlighting special themes and seasons throughout the year. Whether it be a full-scale musical incorporating drama, musical revue concerts, sports assembly performances, or powerful moments of worship, our students are provided a wide range of opportunities to perform and share the gift of music with others. Our programs showcase and highlight our students while remaining true to Gospel-centered themes and the message of Christ.

Local Partnerships and After-school Private Lessons:
We are also blessed to be able to partner with several local music studios and instructors who provide after-school private music instruction on-site for those interested. Several private or group after-school music lessons opportunities are offered throughout the year. These include but are not limited to class piano, guitar, voice, group rhythm and more.

As always, if you have any questions about our Fine Arts program at County Christian School, please contact Mr. Robert Fisher for more information.