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Box Tops Collection Guidelines

Dear parents,

Download a collection sheet to use for submitting Box Tops to help support PTF sponsored events at CCS. Below are some guidelines for submitting box tops to your PTF Box Tops Coordinator. Using the 50-count collection sheets will greatly help your coordinator when it's time to submit and redeem all our points for the Box Tops for Education program! Last year we raised over $180.00 through this program which went towards providing quality fun events for our CCS families by the PTF. This year we hope you will participate in this program and help the PTF collect even more so that we can provide even more fun events for our CCS families.

Guidelines for submitting box tops to your PTF Box Tops Coordinator:

  • Separate your regular Box Tops, Bonus Certificates (3, 5, 7 points, etc.), and Box Top codes* into 3 piles. Verify each of your Box Tops has a visible, valid expiration date and product code - only valid box tops can be submitted.
    • Regular Box Tops (1 point) -
      • Please use the collection sheets* for submitting your box tops to your coordinator.(50-count box tops collection sheets are preferred to be used).
        • IMPORTANT! Only regular (1 point) Box Tops should be attached to the collection sheets to properly submit them. Any other value box tops must be bundled separately.
      • Collection Sheets* - Collection sheets* are available from your PTF Box Tops Coordinator, or you can download and print them directly at Again, 50-count collection sheets are preferred to be used for ease of submission.
        • Make sure regular Box Tops are securely glued, taped, or stapled to the collection sheets.
        • DO NOT attach anything other than regular (1 point) box tops to the collection sheets. If you have a 50-count sheet there should only be 50 box tops attached, a 25 count sheet=25 box tops attached, etc.
        • DO NOT attach bonus certificates or box top redemption codes to the collection sheets! These need to be bundled separately.
        • Seasonal and themed sheets can be downloaded directly from the Box Tops for Education site as well.
        • *If you do not have access to any collection sheets, please bundle valid regular box tops into groups of 50 using envelopes or baggies.
          • Label each bundled envelope or baggies with 50 on the outside, as well as your child's name, teacher, and grade.
      • Write your child's name, teacher, and grade on each collection sheet, envelope, or baggie for PTF's tracking purposes related to student, class, and CCS Staff participation in contests we plan to have during the school year. It also makes it much easier for your coordinator to submit the package for mailing.
    • Bonus Certificates - (anything with a value greater than a single regular Box Top - 3, 4, 5, 7, 10 points) - Verify each bonus certificate has a visible, valid expiration date. Separate the different value bonus certificates into separate envelopes or baggies. DO NOT attach bonus certificates to collection sheets!
      • Label each separate envelope, or baggies with:
        • the bonus certificate value within each bag,
        • how many bonus certificates there are in each bag,
        • Your child's name, teacher, and grade.
    • Box Tops Codes - 14-digit codes that can be redeemed online only. Please bundle these separately in envelopes or baggies to submit to your box tops coordinator.
      • Label each envelope or baggies with your child's name, teacher, and grade for contest participation credit.


If you would like to volunteer to help with the Box Tops collection sheets, please send an email to Thank you for your help and supporting CCS and the PTF!

Fall Box Tops Contest

Fall Box Tops Contest

Win prizes for you and your class!!!

Prizes will be awarded to the classes with the most box tops.

  • First place class:
    • Chick-fil-A gift cards for 8 nuggets or 3 strips
  • Second place class:
    • A pizza party
  • Third place class:
    • Ice cream at lunch

The student with the most box tops overall (school-wide) will receive a $25 gift card and a certificate.

Complete the attached 50-count sheet and turn into your teacher.(If you have box tops that are worth more than a single point, please DO NOT attach them to the collection sheet.)

Ask your teacher or visit the Box Tops for Education website to download more sheets.(

Deadline for submission is October 23, 2017!

If you have questions, please email