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ROCK Program: 'R'- Relevance, 'O'-Opportunity, 'C'-Christ-like character and 'K'-Knowledge


CCS is pleased to announce the creation of a new homeschool partnership program designed for homeschool students in grades 8 - high school!

Our “ROCK” program emphasizes: “R”- Relevance, “O”-Opportunity, “C”-Christ-like character and “K”-Knowledge

REGISTER EARLY: all rock program classes are fully integrated with CCS full-time 8th and 9th-grade classes.  Classes will be capped upon reaching full enrollment capacity.

2018-19 CCS “ROCK” Classes


Art – A variety of visual and media arts are learned and experienced in this 45-minute class held in a vibrant and fully-stocked art room. The importance of art as a valuable means of self-expression, a way to depict stories and events, and a reflection of God, our master Creator is emphasized throughout the course.


Beginner Band – This performance-oriented class is designed for beginning students who desire to learn to play a wind or percussion instrument in an ensemble format. During this one-hour, thirty-minute class, the students will learn the foundations of playing their instruments as they reinforce music reading and theory skills. They will make music unto the Lord to praise Him and expand their abilities to worship musically.


Communication Arts – Communication Arts will include, but is not limited to, four communications disciplines: Public Speaking, Journalism, Broadcasting, and Debate. Students will develop verbal and nonverbal communications skills which include problem-solving, critical thinking, reading, writing, speaking, listening, research, and social skills. Today, employers consistently rate good communication skills among the most desirable qualities of their employees.  Communication Arts Class is designed to help students develop and refine these vital skills. "All scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness." 2 Timothy 3:16


PE – This class involves learning and participating in a variety of organized sports and exercise activities in a high-school regulation size gym and on outdoor athletic fields. Individual skills and team cooperation are encouraged. Emphasis is placed on health and wellness since our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit.


STEM – This hands-on class is held in a fully-equipped laboratory-classroom combining topics in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. This one-hour, thirty-minute class promotes higher-level thinking and activities that encourage retention of understanding. The creativity and orderliness of God is revealed as the students experience His world in this class.


Testing Skills, Logic, and Reasoning  – This course is designed to expose students to various testing materials to equip them with strategies that can improve their performance in testing situations. Basic study skills will be reviewed and reinforced throughout the course. Students will also engage in activities to develop their logic and reasoning skills.  These skills contribute to success in math, science, and verbal and written expression. The Bible encourages us, " Come let us reason together...".


2018-19 CCS “ROCK” Class Fees

Enrollment Fee: $125.00

First one-hour, thirty-minute class (or 1st two forty-five minute classes): $700.00

*Each additional 45-minute class: $325.00

*Each additional one-hour, thirty-minute class: $650.00

(These fees do not include consumable textbooks, materials or instrument rental fee.)


Athletic advantage!! – Students are welcome to stay after the classes scheduled

from 2:35 – 3:20 pm to participate in our CCS Athletic Program.

For more information on CCS Sports, go to


To obtain further information, please contact our Admissions department at

(703) 729-5968 or email