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Stakeholders Submitted Questions - Thursday, September 21, 2017

No, the school is not closing.

The membership voted to move forward with the process of selling the property on Thursday, September 14, 2017.  The final sale closing is anticipated Spring 2018.

Currently, the leadership of CFC is working with the CCS board to find the best long-term solution for the school. This solution will be one that is beneficial to the future vibrancy of both the school and the church. As the church moves forward, every solution will be thought through and we will inform the school families at the earliest point as to what happens next.

Yes.  Our Athletic and Spiritual Life Director, Mr. Ken Kincaid, is currently chairing a committee for the pursuit of a course of action that would include CCS opening its doors to High School students, next school year (2018-19).    A survey will be forthcoming that will aid our current research tremendously.  We will inform the CCS Community first, when the survey is posted.  Please complete the survey at that time.  Gathering specific bits of information relevant to the opening of a High School, will aid us tremendously as we look to the Lord for his guiding hand throughout this process.

UPDATE.  The survey is now available.  Please take the survey here>>.

County Christian School will provide periodic updates as received.  In the meantime, Mr. Kincaid will be happy to answer any questions with regards to this matter.  He may be reached at 703-729-5968 or

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